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What Book Are They In? Printable -WITHOUT Cut Lines

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Updated May 2021

This specific printable DOES NOT have Cut Lines, great for printing on CLASSIC Happy Planner paper!  Check out my YouTube video for how to print directly on Happy Planner Classic paper!


Follow along with all of my What Book Are They In? Videos over on YouTube to fill out this handy printable! 

If you've ever spent HOURS looking for a specific type of sticker, this printable will help expedite your planning! Simply check off each sticker book you can find that type of sticker in! 


Check out my video on HOW TO PRINT this printable:

Check out my videos on HOW TO use and print this printable!


Happy Planning planners!

Customer Reviews

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The companion I didn’t know that I needed

I initially got the printable out of curiosity… then I found myself following along and marking which books had each category and then going back to the books I have and identifying them on the chart. Even though I haven’t finished the entire list just yet - OMG - theme… icons… doesn’t matter… I know what I need and where it is or if I need to purchase! LOVE IT