Guide to our most asked questions. Please check this file before sending us a message!


In general, once packages leave our hands we have zero control of what happens to them after. The tracking you receive is the same thing we see, so we don't see anything different when looking at the status of your order. The best place to check with is your local post office to find out any details while your order is in transit or lost. In most cases, things need to be taken up with the post office for any misdelivered, missing, or damaged packages.

Q- I haven't received my confirmation email or tracking number, did my order ship?
A- We take pride on getting orders out quickly, in most cases, same day, if you didn't receive your confirmation email or shipping notification make sure to check your "other", "spam", or "promotions" folders as our emails could've ended up there!

Q- My tracking number hasn't updated in a few days, where is my order?
A- We have ZERO control over the postal system and if they scan packages. During busy seasons, sometimes packages don't get scanned at all and will sometimes just show up. If you are in the US and it has been more than a week without your order showing up, please contact your local post office as they'll have a better idea on how to locate your package. We see exactly what you would see with a tracking number, we don't have a back door to find a package (though that would be amazing!)

Q- My order says it was delivered but it's not here!?
A- Sometimes carriers scan packages before delivering. Give it a day or two and see if it shows up. If not, please contact the Post Office as they will be able to pinpoint where exactly the carrier delivered the package. Also check to make sure your address was correct. In most cases, if the Post Office is still unable to locate your package, you will need to file a claim.

Q- I put the wrong address and my order is being returned to Mojo_JojoPlans, how do I get it back?
A- As soon as we receive your order back in the mail, we can send it back out. An invoice will be sent to you to pay as shipping will need to be paid again to return the package due to customer error. To avoid this in the future, please make sure to check and double check your order details before finalizing at checkout.

Q- My order is being returned to Mojo_JojoPlans but the address was correct?
A- As soon as we receive your order back in the mail, we can send it back out. An invoice will be sent to you to pay as shipping will need to be paid again. Please contact your local post office to find out why your mail is being returned to sender so that it doesn't happen again in the future. To avoid this in the future, please make sure to check and double check your order details before finalizing at checkout.

Q- My order was supposed to be delivered yesterday and now it is delayed, why?
A- We have ZERO control over the postal system. We see what you see in your tracking. If your order is delayed it is something that we have no control over and our best advice is to please be patient. Your order should get to you.

Q- I placed more than one order, can you combine them?
A- We do not combine orders. We pride ourselves at being super speedy at packing orders, having to stop to find the invoice for another order to combine them means we'll have to pause and go out of order. In most cases, orders are packed way before we see an email about combining orders in which it would be too late to combine once shipping labels are purchased.



Q- I can't find where I put a coupon code?
A- The coupon code can be placed at checkout. There is a box that will say "coupon" or "discount code" make sure the code is spelled correctly and make sure to click "apply" for it to apply to your cart.

Q- I finished checking out but noticed the coupon wasn't applied on my confirmation?
A- If this happened, you either may not have clicked "apply" after entering the code, or the items in your cart didn't qualify for the discount. Please make sure to check and double check that the code was applied before finalizing checkout, orders cannot be adjusted with a coupon after checkout is finalized.

Q- I have a coupon for free shipping and 10% off but when I enter the second code it knocks the other off, why?
A- Only one discount code can be used per order. Our website does not allow for more than one coupon to be entered at checkout.



Q- When will your next restock be?
A- Restocks will happen at random when we can get restocks ordered. Our main focus is new books with the hope of restocking one or two books at a time every few months.

Q- Every time this book releases I miss it! When will it be back?
A- If a book just restocked, it'll be awhile before it is restocked again. And unfortunately, we don't have a timeline. Make sure you are signed up for email notifications which is located at the very bottom of our website in the footer.

Q-You run out of stock so quickly, why don't you order enough to meet demand?
A- Being a new business, we don't know what "demand" is yet. When I started this journey I had no clue that things would be as wanted as they are. It's a tricky balance of getting enough of something and not getting too much where we'd be stuck with it for months. Not to mention how expensive it get's the more inventory that is ordered. We are working on slowly increasing our inventory so things don't sell out as quickly but are still only available for a short period of time.

Hold Orders (International Only):

Q- How do I close a hold order?
A- When you have either the max amount of books for your hold order (8 books) or you are ready to close out, send an email to mojo.jojoplans@gmail.com stating you are ready to close your hold order. From there, we will send you passwords, and codes to access the books you have on order.

Q- How long can I have a hold order open?
A- There is no time limit, just a max amount of books (8) once you reach the max you will be asked to close out your hold order as soon as possible. If you have 8 books on hold and have not closed your order, you will not be allowed to start a new hold order. Any orders placed for a hold order will be canceled until you've closed your current hold order.

Q- I don't want the books I have on hold anymore, can I get a refund?
A- Hold orders are non-refundable. That is why they are only $5 each. Books were set aside for you, the $5 hold ensures good faith that the book was put on hold for you with the intention that you would purchase it when you are ready.


International Shipping:

Q- Why does shipping cost so much?
A- At one point we did flat rate shipping for international orders meaning we had a set price for shipping options. The problem with this was sometimes we were forking out anywhere from $10-$50 of our own funds to cover the shipping that wasn't paid by the customer because when we went to purchase shipping, the prices were a lot more than our flat rate prices. As much as we wanted to help out with costs, it added up over time and became hard to cover for our still small business. Because of this, and because of soaring shipping prices, we have changed all international shipping to calculate per each order based on weight and where it is being shipped to. This can mean that it may be much more than the flat rate option or slightly less, it just depends on where you are. The best way to avoid this in the future is mentioning us to your favorite shops that are local and may be willing to do wholesale orders with us so we can get our products to you through them! Unfortunately, if prices keep soaring for shipping, we may have to remove international shipping all together. 

Please note that the UPS option may be cheaper, but may charge you more fees upon arrival to you, note that we have no control over this.