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INTERNATIONAL ONLY- Glitter Shapes Hold Order

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This option is only for INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. Any US orders will be canceled. 
Cannot be combined with regular sticker book listings! Meaning you cannot purchase the $20 book option and then add this on! Your hold order will be canceled and the regular book purchase sent to you immediately. 

What is a Hold Order?

Well! I've been trying to brainstorm more ways to help you International Planners! I know shipping and customs can be a pain. And I'm trying my best to cover some of the costs of shipping for you. But I also plan to release a book a month for the rest of the year and that will most likely change to two a month in the new year. The downside is that you would have to wait on your books, but hopefully the upside is that you wouldn’t be paying shipping and customs fees all the time with each small book order. The best part is you get to decide what you would like to do! 

To help with this, I am giving the option to put books on hold, so that way books can be shipped together. This way ensures your books are held with a deposit which is non-refundable should you later choose to not follow through with purchasing the book in full. 

Please see my informational video for a more in depth explanation of how this option works. You can find the video here:

In short, the steps of putting a book on hold are this:

1. Purchase Hold Order of the book you would like to be put on hold. If you want more than one, you will need to purchase that amount. For example, for 2 books to be put on hold, you should purchase this option 2x for a total of $10.  (You can change the quantity at checkout).

2.IMPORTANT: Please put your ENTIRE shipping address in the special notes box at checkout.

3. After you have checked out, you will then receive an email from Mojo_JojoPlans to confirm your shipping address. This option is only available for international orders, any US orders will be canceled. 

4. The download you will receive from this purchase is a PDF with all instructions on how to proceed with your orders, please make sure you download and look over as instructions for closing out your Hold Order to receive your books will be in the downloaded document.

5. The limits for shipping purposes are as follows: First Class International limit is 6 books. The Flat Rate Priority limit is 8 books. 

6. Once you've reached the limit of what you would like, you would then contact Mojo_JojoPlans to start the full process of purchasing your books in full. You will receive a date and a period of 24hrs to complete your order. A private password protected page will be given to you in which you will order from and you will receive a coupon for the deposit amount of books you were wanting. Ex: you put 6 books on hold, paying $5 for each book, you would then receive a coupon for $30 in which you would apply at checkout. You then would check out like normal paying for shipping and your order will be shipped to you in full. 

6. This option allows your receipt to show all the items purchased for customs. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. 

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